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Tom Clynes

Tom Clynes has spent the last decade as a writer and photographer for National Geographic publications. In his authentic and stunningly visual presentations, Clynes brings audiences along on assignment to the ends of the Earth. You’ll meet the astonishing people—explorers, virus hunters, Ebola doctors and more—whose stories embody the spirit of adventure. You’ll learn how these individuals shaped once-ordinary lives into extraordinary, world-changing adventures. And you’ll discover what their experiences can tell us about how to spark our own dreams into action.

Tom works with organizations that want to stimulate action and involvement. His high-intrigue, high-energy programs catalyze creativity and challenge constituents to open up their thinking. Let Tom Clynes give your audience something substantial to talk about—and move them forward with an enduring sense of expanded possibilities.

Program Descriptions

Extreme Science, Extreme Parenting, and How To Make a Star

When his grandmother’s impending death from cancer inspired 11-year-old Taylor Wilson to invent a better way to make medical isotopes, he started building a machine that could fling atoms together in a 500-million-degree plasma core.
At the age of 14, he became the youngest individual on Earth to achieve nuclear fusion—the process that powers the sun.

Taylor’s restless intellect and enthusiasm have since astounded everyone from audiences at TED to the President of the United States. Now a young adult, Taylor is a science superstar who is developing lifesaving innovations in medicine and national security. Based on Tom’s new book, “The Boy Who Played With Fusion,” this talk is, at its deepest level, about the nurturing of genius—a portrait of extraordinary parenting, mentoring, and educating.

Through Taylor’s story, Tom explores the challenges and opportunities facing gifted children as well as parents and educators—and the consequences of letting potential world-changers fall through the cracks. Since prodigies develop and flower via the same developmental processes that all children experience, the lessons of Taylor Wilson’s story are universal, and sure to inspire and inform anyone who cares about children, and the future of science and humanity.

Can One Person Really Change the World?

Tom’s provocative and visually stunning presentation answers this question with dramatic and inspiring stories of real people who shaped once-ordinary lives into world-changing adventures. Discover how they did it, why they did it, and why the world needs us to pursue the goals we really care about. By artfully weaving the stories of your own “heroes” with the achievements of world-changing heroes, this program is designed to boost energy, involvement and enthusiasm.

The Art of Audacity

Audacity is the missing ingredient in far too many worthy endeavors. But some people seem to have it in abundance: The explorer whose jungle expedition led to the biggest African conservation victory in three decades…the “elephant whisperer” who rescued the animals in the Baghdad Zoo…the virus hunter whose ambitious plan to stop epidemics before they start is shifting the way the world confronts infectious diseases. Via astonishing stories and photos, this program challenges audiences to believe in their boldest dreams—and energizes your meeting with an anything-is-possible spirit.

The Seven Habits of World-Changers

People who succeed in changing the world are not born—they’re self-made. In this enlightening—and surprising—presentation, you’ll discover the intriguing life lessons behind the success of people who dared to challenge and change the status quo. Expect to be entertained, provoked, and wowed by these spectacular images and stories.

Ends of the Earth

Expect to question your own personal and cultural truths during this rollicking tour of the Earth’s natural and cultural extremes. From Thailand’s Vegetarian Banquet for Monkeys, to the man who risked his life to rescue the animals in the Baghdad Zoo, to the world’s roughest sport, Tom is your guide to the world at its most thrilling, open, colorful, and alive. Audiences will be entertained, provoked, and wowed by these spectacular images and stories.


For the past decade, Tom Clynes has been a contributing editor and photographer at National Geographic Adventure, covering environmental issues, science, and adventure travel. He also contributes to Popular Science, Men’s Journal, The New York Times, GQ, and other publications, and is the author of the book “Wild Planet.” Tom’s magazine stories often appear in Houghton-Mifflin’s “Best American” series of magazine-writing anthologies.