The story picks up right after the ending of Quake 2, as you take the role of a different space marine battling the Strogg menace. Silver said that if customers wait to adopt Windows Vista until 2008, it will take at least another year before they can fully deploy the OS in their IT environment.

Let's face it: Not everyone is happy with the battery life on their iPhone. He is still hospitalised and in a partial coma, according to news reports. Only new applications submitted to the Mac App Store starting June 1 must be sandboxed; programs already in the e-mart are not held to the requirement, although upgrades will be. Documents leaked on the Internet have started Xbox enthusiasts drooling. China orders top sites to fight Olympics piracy. model, and my review unit didnt feature LGs ballyhooed leather.

ATIs Mobility Radeon 9000 brought DX8 to the laptop. Every time you go to My Computer and browse through files on your computer, you are using Explorer. You have complete control of permissions at the UNIX file system level (though the FileXaminer interface is easy enough for non-UNIX geeks to understand), the ability to change creation and modification dates, and the ability to set user and group ID bits.

Definitely there's that desire," said Su in an interview after the press conference. IT pros like the idea of succession planning. Asus' success caught the attention of PC makers, and netbooks are now offered by top vendors including HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo.

Its 300dpi resolution is a little limited for detailed graphics, although it should prove sufficient for web-destined content. With some of Verizon's enterprise customers about to lose their cloud service for up to two days, now is the time for them to prepare for the extended downtime.