You can also attach an external flash to the hot shoe. The sites also let Carsales offer a value-added product to boost revenue. Expect more of the same in the future. Most of this activity is intended to "flatten" the data center network by removing extraneous tiers of switching and facilitate more "EastWest" flow of traffic between server racks, rather than "NorthSouth" to the core and back.

One OEM thats not shipping is Sony Electronics; the timing of the 2-GHz launch came too early for the fall refresh cycle, a spokesman said. In addition claims the site, Apple is about to launch a new Mac mini line with both a standard model and a server model. Compared to the 2GB found by the Auslogics product and the 6GB found by the WebMinds product on the very same hard drive, this is not very impressive.

5-in. And as one NeoGaf member pointed out, bundling movie and game rentals should appeal to hard-core gamers who otherwise wouldn't have much use for their GameFly subscriptions between major game releases.

The keys are inset into the frame of the phone. Sure, there have been exceptions along the way, but not many.